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Congratulations on taking this bold first step to reclaiming your health – many never do!

That said, we may or may not be a good fit to work together, but neither of us know this right now. To avoid wasting my time and yours an in-depth initial consultation is necessary to achieve five (5) core objectives:

a. Determine the scope of your health, fitness and emotional issues
b. Determine that I can actually help you alleviate these problems
c. Clarify the outcome we’ll be working towards, and most importantly
d. Determine that you’re committed to getting healing and living a fulfilled life of maximum vitality
e. Develop a customized plan of action to enable you reach your health and fitness goals based on your unique situation and the information I discover on the call with you

Without exception, this is the first step to working with me 1-ON-1. Additionally, due to the inherent biases and undisclosed personal interest that pervade the traditional medicare establishment, this a great way for you to get a qualified second (2nd) opinion on any health issues you may be struggling with.

How This Works

Please fill out the short form below as detailed as you can and send that in right away.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive your payment link via the email you provided. Upon receipt of payment you’ll be given access to the booking area where you can select your desired time & date for the consultation.

Everything is set for our first consultation together. Due to the in-depth nature of these calls, you are advised to have a 1-hr to 3-hr window open for your consultation.

Post-consultation, you will receive your confidential assessment report with along with my recommendations on how to approach and alleviate your particular health challenge at the very root of it. If it’s possible that we can work together on a 1-ON-1 basis, I will let you know what the next steps are and what commitments – time, money, travel & lifestyle changes – are involved.

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