Public Speaking & Keynotes

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Members of your organization, mastermind group or cause, have entrusted you with both their time and money; hoping to get a phenomenal paradigm-shifting experience that massively improves some area of their lives.

This means you now have the responsibility of finding someone who knows what the heck they’re talking about and will deliver massive value to your audience without the typical pitch-fests I’ve personally had to endure at some events.

I’ve been privileged to share the stage with such greats such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Honorable Felippe IV: King of Spain, T. Harv Ecker, Steve Wozniak, Paul Ford, Jaime Garcia Legaz Ponce and many others. Where I believe I shine most is in matters of health and wellness, building a magnetic personal brand and consciously creating a sustainable lifestyle that is well-balanced between your business/career and enjoying life to the fullest.

You can learn more about my story and what I do in my latest book “Platinum Health Secrets of The World’s Ultra Wealthy”.

Booking: To discuss a paid speaking arrangement, please provide more details about your event here.

Group & Corporate Packages

Availability: Available On Request

Without a doubt, your environment and the people in it shape your life in a powerful way. To be the best version of you, those around you must be top notch as well. But the journey to any destination – family fulfillment, business success, positive friendships etc. – requires refueling every now and then. And that’s why we have custom group and corporate event packages to meet your needs as a collective.

Whether this is your family, your business mastermind, your executive assistant, your CEOs, your best salesmen, top level management or a group of your closest buddies; they need to be at the pinnacle of mental and physical performance if you want to be able to travel at full-steam towards your collective objectives.

Booking: It’s important that the people who have the most direct impact on your life and business always have the help they need to stay at the top of their game. Book a consultation here to discuss your custom group/corporate package.

Luxury Health Retreats

Availability: Sorry, We’re Fully Booked For 2016

Our seasonal Luxury Health Retreat events represent the very best 5-star pampering and health rejuvenation the world has to offer.

With participants carefully vetted and selected, a health concierge that consists the most renowned health experts in the world today and an intricately designed itinerary of exhilarating activities, your Luxury Health Retreat (TM) is an exquisite experience you’re guaranteed remember well into your twilight years.

However, your Luxury Health Retreat (TM) isn’t designed to be just an amazing story you tell your grandchildren when you’re older. The core objective, aside the thrill of fun and exciting experiences, is to give you the much needed health reboot and lifestyle redesign you know you’ve needed for a long time now. Our modern life is very fast. Especially for the busy entrepreneur, executive or custodian of wealth (philanthropists and royalty).  You’re always on the move making things happen and leaving your footprint in the sands of time.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of greatness the fast life often precludes your ability to effectively implement healthy lifestyle choices due to lack of expert assistance in this area and the sheer logistics involved accomplishing your goals. Facing reality, you probably already know that all the seemingly little unhealthy lifestyle choices you make – from a little bad food here to strained relationships to constant business/career related stress – eventually add up to a great world of illness, pain, negative tension and unhappiness if you don’t take the time off to unwind, clear your mind, cleanse your body and de-stress.

Sometimes this means you may have to invest in a Luxury Health Retreat (TM) every now and then to pamper yourself, heal longstanding health issues and get expert help re-organizing your lifestyle to ensure you’re consistently operating at peak levels and exuding maximum natural vitality regardless of the demands of your business, career or cause. That’s what myself and my team are here to help you achieve at your next Luxury Health Retreat.

Booking: We’re fully booked for 2016. However, you may still send in your application to be considered for 2017 openings and get more details on the upcoming retreats calendar. Slots are allocated purely on a first-come, first-serve basis and they fill up fast. Please send in your application right away to secure your place at the next Luxury Health Retreat (TM) experience.

Professional Therapists Retreats & Skills Building

Availability: Charter Retreat Starts Sept ’16. 10 Participants Only.

The world of alternative medicine has been very kind and helpful to me.

As a way a way of giving back to our community of well-meaning individuals who strive to make sure that people all over the world have access to quality healthcare alternatives, I’ve decided to open up skills-building and certification workshops to help you serve your clients better and make a handsome living to sustain your desired lifestyle. You don’t have to be a broke practitioner or do the world the disservice of leaving your practice altogether because you can’t make ends meet.

Currently we have two very specific programs that could help you build a better practice; one specifically designed for massage therapists and the other for holistic health practitioners. Both retreats are hands-on intensives that require you to make a trip to Spain for up to seven (7) days along with a small financial commitment paid in full via bank wire.

Your training is two-fold. There is the technical part that goes in to the how-to’s of delivering top notch service as a massage therapist or holistic health practitioner. Here you’ll learn the most effective techniques and strategies I know for pin-pointing your clients’ core health and fitness issues and fixing them at the root cause so they leave healed once and for all. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed trying to turn theory into practice, or had the headache of clients who’s health issues return after only a few weeks of alleviating them, you need to be at this retreat.

The second aspect of your training is business growth mastery that is seldom talked about anywhere in alternative health practitioner education. To be able to serve your clients, you must first stay in business. Clients and referrals are the life-blood of your business. It’s therefore imperative that you learn how to build a proven marketing system for generating buzz about your services so you get more people in the door. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. You’ll learn how to strategically market online and offline so you’re always top of mind when someone needs help with a health issue.

Booking: To qualify for a slot, please fill out this short questionnaire to help us assess if this is a good fit for you.

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