Client Success Stories

Irene Kristen

“To Reg Lenney,

The one and only person who managed to change my life in just a few months.

Meeting Reg has been life changing for me. I have been suffering from an autoimmune disease and a lot of eczema since the age of 17. With a constant running in and out of hospitals and treated by specialists with adrenocortical treatments internally and externally for 30 years and in chemotherapy treatment for more or less 15 years. Most of the doctors have told me the same answer,“Just learn to live with your disease”. Luckily I’m a very strong person in mind; otherwise I wouldn’t have made it to the place I am now.

The constant hormone treatment provokes weight gain and bloating, which are very difficult to eliminate with a normal diet. I experienced all the possible side effects of chemotherapy known. And with an autoimmune disease follows an autoimmune depression, which has been there for all the years.

Reg has managed during the past 3.5 months to almost completely cleanse and detox my body, cells, organs even my mind has been almost cleared from all the negativity (I say almost because we haven’t finished the programme yet), but I strongly believe that we will be successful….

Taking all this into consideration I’m still on chemotherapy treatment (on lowest and last dose), got separated end of December 2014, but still felt great during the whole period, and very important to me I had lost 16 kg in 7 weeks.

The normal IgE is <128 but due to my immune system disease, mine has always been extremely high at around 2000 in bad periods and between 1500-1200 in good periods of sleeping disease.

However after working with Reg for 7 weeks my IgE had decreased to 670, the doctors were amazed. At first they didn’t recognize me, not only did I look healthier, my skin was much better and had lost weight, but most important of all they had never seen such a quick decrease in my blood levels for such a short period of time. I explained about my programme with Reg and they were very happy on my behalf.

On my next visit to the doctors I was down on an IgE of 520. I can now really feel the difference in my body, my behaviour, my sleep, the functioning of all the organs and my overall feeling towards myself. As a matter of fact I was recently offered a job at the lingerie store “Agent Provocateur”. Which boosted my self-confidence to an extreme that it hadn’t reached in years. I loved it. On several occasions I have met friends who didn’t recognize me. That also confirms my extreme change.

According to the doctors I will most probably never get a much lower IgE figure as they say the disease is still inside of me, but sleeping. However Reg has promised me that we are going to prove them wrong. So the next step on my journey is to build up my immune system again, and to get an IgE within the norm.

Dearest Reg, you have become a very important piece in my life, and a dear friend. I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me and look forward to continue working with you.

Irene T. Kristensen”

UPDATE: Two more visits to her doctor and Irene has been cleared and taken off all the drugs and medication therapy, after 15 years of being on the drugs the “Specialists” said she would be on for the rest of her life. She is a powerful lady living the life she always wanted to, free of medical limitations.

Pictures Of Irene Before Her Program vs. Irene After Only 3.5 Months Of Working Together:

Simon Ingram, Totus Group

Tim Corcoran, CEO

“I met Reg four years ago, hoping to improve my physical fitness and nutritional health. I received so much more than that.  Reg delivered a full spiritual, emotional and physical reboot that allowed me to get into a heightened state of awareness about all of the conditions of my life. Solutions to lifelong problems began to flow shortly thereafter.

I learned how to live with passion, in the flow, and I had the physical energy to do it. Reg is that rare person, a teacher and a learner. He never stops seeking to improve his own ability to deliver peak performance for his clients. His methods come from both timeless tradition and cutting edge research. I am very grateful.

– Tim Corcoran”

Dr Susie Anthony,

Who was told by ‘specialists’ 7 years ago that she would not make it to her next birthday:

“Thanks Reggie for helping me to return to beauty and full power in the physical… It’s a miracle… You will ALWAYS have my heartfelt gratitude for believing in my full power, beauty and strength and insisting I live it. Like no other you are supporting me to rediscover all of this in the physical after a prolonged terminal lung disease which had left me bedridden on oxygen for 24 hours… where I was given 12 hours to live 3 times! 

Sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity also of taking you into the extraordinary world of the Super HERO Code to find your own magic and expand on this to higher levels, which you say never dreamed or imagined possible. As we combine our strengths, love, gifts and talents… I feel a new passion igniting in us both to truly assist others – watch out world!!!! Smiles… two givers, two highest achievers, finally learning to receive from each other…I believe in happy endings now.”

Fay Jones, Advertising Director (Society Living Magazine & Beautiful Home Magazine / Confeti / Health Matters)

“After 7 years and many thousands of euros spent on physiotherapy, chiropractors and all manner of ‘experts in their field’, I am so thankful to have been recommended to take a consultation with Reg Lenney. In just 3 sessions the pain relief to my neck and back injuries has been incredible and my general well-being has taken a very positive lift as a result. He has an inspirational approach to his work and I believe that Reg will be a part of my health and well-being routines and indeed my lifestyle choices for years to come.”

Gerard B

“I will make this short and simple; I was diagnosed with lung cancer which was at “an advanced stage”.

My doctor told me it was very aggressive and was spreading through-out my body, I could last as long as 6 months. The suggestion was to do chemo therapy, which was not a “cure” but would give me an extra few months to live. I have seen many friends go through the chemo therapy and decided to not put my body or my family through that.

I had been told about you by some friends and after much encouragement from my family I decided to give you a try. The first 3 months were a big life change along with a learning experience about myself; this experience could never be explained in words, it must be experienced.

I have now been following your program and enjoying your services for over 2 years now and to my delight, my families delight and my doctors amazement, the cancer has completely cleared up. I feel better then I have felt in years and am living a fuller life then I ever have. I recommend you and your health program to any one living with pain or disease or any one living half of a life. You have not only helped me to “cure” my body, you have helped me to move out of my shell, move out of my routine, move beyond my limits and be a better person then i ever thought i could be.

Thank you for giving my life back to me and my family.”

Louise T

“I was once a victim of the never-ending flow of propaganda from the medical establishment (which I think of as the “disease” establishment because they focus on disease rather than on prevention and wellness) who wants to maintain a monopoly on the word “cure” and who wants us to believe that we have no control over our own health and that our only hope to get “well” is with drugs, surgery and radiation.

Working with you has proven to me that I DO have a choice and I AM in control of my health. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, all you have taught me and all that you have helped me to do. After years of Corporate life, travel and searching I am now truly living the life i always wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Tony Bolicki

“This is sent with grateful thanks to you and your service. I have had trouble lifting my right arm above shoulder height. I have also had pain in my right leg and hip and have walked with a limp for a number of years now.

Socially I was talking with my Doctor and I told him that I was thinking of going to a “Holistic Therapist”. My Doctor emphatically told me not to go, and to come and see him in his office for a checkup. When I went for my checkup I had blood tests and x-rays taken, which he said “revealed nothing out of the ordinary”. The Doctor then told me that this was just part of the aging process and if the pain got worse he would give me cortisone shots. He did not recommend any other form of treatment or therapy, other than heat and massage at home.

After following his advise for a number of years I then began searching for other ways to relieve my pain. I have traveled to many other parts of the world and tried many other types of therapy. I was discouraged, frustrated and irritable. Through some of my wife’s acquaintances, she heard about you, and suggested that I give you a try.

After much thought and encouragement I called you. To my surprise and delight I immediately felt energy rushing through my body like never before. After a very short period of time I now have full mobility in my right arm and the limp in my right leg is gone. My hips are not sore and I feel much better all over, like I was given a new body. My wife says my attitude and temperament are much improved. I have gone in to see my doctor and he is speechless. I have been and will continue to tell all of my friends, family and coworkers about you.

Thank you, beyond words.”

Jennifer Potter, C.O.A., Chiropractor

“I would like to thank you for your very professional services and excellent treatments. I found your service to be well organized and a relaxing place to spend a couple of hours. I had previously been seeing my massage therapist on a weekly basis with very little results, and have not had to see him any more as a result of my treatments with you.

Your work ethic and attitude made me feel very at ease and as a result I have referred several of my friends and family to you. Again, thanks so much! If there is anything I can do to help promote your practice let me know.”

Karen Lock, Home Maker

“I have peripheral Neuropathy, which is very painful and the Doctors do not know what to do for me. After trying a great number of “Therapists” and “Healer’s”, I found you. When I started going to you in September I had been in a wheel chair for just over 2 years.

Prior to my chair I had been using both a cane and walker for over four years. The pain in my hands was so bad I could not even hold a pen. It has been 14 months now and I am walking on my own without the aid if my walker or my cane, I can write letters to my family with no pain in my hands and I feel 30 years younger.

I hope you know that when I say thanks for being you, I mean it sincerely – I mean it from my heart. You will always be my God send. You are in my prayers, always.”

Mary Lynn Dutro, Massage Therapist

Thank you so much! Being a Registered Massage Therapist myself I have had the opportunity to experience many types of therapies from around the world, by some of the “Worlds Best”. I think you have exceptional abilities. I can honestly say, without a doubt, this was the best work I have ever had!”

Derek King, Toronto Maple Leafs

“Thanks for a magical experience in massage therapy. You were very professional in explaining what you were doing to my body. I’ve learned a lot from listening to you.”

Jeni C, Lawyer

“I want to thank you for all you have done. I think you are great. I have definitely slept a lot better and I don’t feel tense all the time. The world is a better place by far, because of you. You have not only been there to help me through everything but you have been a great friend. You have taken the time to go way beyond “the call of duty”, to do nice things, the way you always do. Thank you so much. You will be famous in no time! Thanks again, Your friend always.”

Tanya Adams

“The Plan. Loose weight for my wedding:

When we first came to your retreat we never would have guessed that you would have changed our lives. Thank you for the fantastic time we spent together and the amazing results we have had. My 6 girlfriends and I are so grateful for your professionalism and the fun that we had.

We never would have believed that we could have lost so much weight and had so much fun at the same time. This was not only the most fun we have had traveling but it has been the most successful weight loss program we have ever tried, (after dealing with a weight problem my whole life).

We have also learnt so much about ourselves and how to keep our entire life on track. When we first planned to come to your weight loss retreat we never expected that it would change our lives the way it has. All of my friends say the same thing and we are happier then we have been for years. Your training has not only helped us to look great for my wedding but has helped us to begin our new lives together with a completely different outlook on life.

You are truly a wonderful person and we look forward to our next program with you, I think my husband and i have decided on the kick-boxing retreat. We will be sending all of our friends and family to you as well. We are all looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards”

Jeff Parsons

“Just a quick note to thank you again for the amazing weight training retreat. I have been working out in the gym for years but could never understand why I was not getting the results and body change that other guys seemed to be getting.

I have experienced more gains and learnt more about myself and my health in 3 moths with you then I have in 20 years of training with others and on my own. I have all of my friends and family telling me how great I look and asking me what I did to get such great change.

I know all my friends want to come see you too. Thank you again and I look forward to partaking in one of your other retreat programs.”

Thomas Peterson

“Thank you very much for your healing! Your therapy and treatments has brought my dangerously High Blood Pressure from very high 160/105 to 125/80 which is normal and it has stayed that way for 6 weeks now! I wanted to thank you very much for your healing as if it was not for you helping me to understand what it was that i was doing and how I needed to change, I most likely would have been hospitalized again.”

Sara Siddle

“I just wanted to write you to thank you so much for your help, professionalism and support. After years of dealing with this problem and spending so much time and money with other doctors and therapists, I have gotten my health and my life back in order. My bladder pain went away and after 3 months it is still behaving…that is incredible because it has been playing up for years and it gets very wearing. That was very kind of you to do the healing so quickly and to teach me how to maintain my good health. I am still amazed on how much i learned and changed in only 3 months. Thank you again for everything.”

Erin French

“After my very first session I slept 12 hours..and woke up today, hive less, FYI..for the first time in months. THANK YOU. I am so excited about the rest of my program and look forward to learning and growing with you. Blessings”

Mary and Jim Mayne

“I want to thank you very much for all your help.

The doctors said repeatedly that Jim would never walk again. We had a difficult time believing what you told us and understanding that we had choices beyond what the doctors told us. After trusting you and following your program on the 18th of July Jim started to walk using his walker. Now he is home again and getting stronger every day. We can not believe it but this Monday he is going to go to work again, after over 3 years of being stuck at home.

We are so grateful to you and will continue to tell all of our friends about you and what you can do to help people. Thank you beyond words..”

Anne Fromton

“Many thanks for your healing and work with me. I have always believed in the medical help I had from my doctors and specialists, I never questioned the drugs and treatments they always told me I needed. After hearing about you from our friends, and a lot of convincing, I decided to give your program a try.

From my very first session with you I could feel my body changing and was amazed at how you were able to feel what was going on in my body and deal with my problems. I of course have quite a few, but never understood how they were all connected and how they affected my health and my life.

Shortly before I met you I was troubled by violent giddy spells and sickness, and was told it was crystals in the ear drum, which i was told would eventually eased up with meds. The last thing i wanted was to add more medication to all of the pills I was already taking. I had been diagnosed with Cardiac Myopathy, and that is one of the main reason I sought help as I was told I had Systolic Arythmia very badly in my left shoulder and my arm was paralyzed for a long time due to a fall and the nerves to the hand had taken some years to recuperate.

Through your help, exercise and your therapy I have been able to bring the drop/wrist up myself, rather than and operation i was told i needed, and the doctors at the time were a little puzzled. I am happy to say that the pain is gone and i almost have full range of motion back, it’s getting better every day.

I have a steel plate in my spine as have had 2 operations there. My feet have been very painfull and going numb from the toes due to Neuropathy (from Diabetis type 2). I could not believe that when I felt you work on my body that I could feel energy and tingling all over. Along with my other problems I have been suffering from a Hiatis Hernia and after only one week it was gone.

After less than one month of working with you I walked around the garden feeling much better than I had felt for ages. It has been 7 months now and i feel 30 years younger. My doctor has taken me off all of my Diabetis medication, I am able to walk with my friends and they even have a hard time to keep up with me. I recommend you to every one I meet and know that what you are doing can help so many people.

Your program was worth every penny, and so much more. Many thanks and God bless you.”

Sara Parker

“I wanted to again send you a thank you note and express how grateful we are for all you have done for our family.

Due to your intervention, suggestions and work, my father survived the intensive care and returned home December 20 and we are looking forward to all spending Christmas together. His overall condition has been improving day to day (though he still requires hemodialysis 3 times a week) but the Doctor told us that this will be reduced if he continues to improve as he has.

Considering his heart condition, poor respiratory capacity and renal failure, his doctors in the intensive care unit could not believe how he managed to survive. Several other doctors who treated him at the hospital before the intensive care, were also intensely surprised with his recovery. The doctor at the hemodialysis unit invited me to his office to tell me how unbelievable it was that my father survived.

It’s funny, all of them used the same word “miracle” to describe my father’s recovery, and I thought I should share this with you and every one else that may benefit from your work. You truly are an amazing and talented person and we are so grateful for everything and thankful for finding you.”

Mireille Rarogal

“I recently came across your website because my brother-in-law talks about you all the time. I have been looking at all the services you provide and details about taking control of your health.

I appreciate many people don’t understand or buy into natural health options, but from someone who has seen what you can do to help people, I highly recommend you and your services. You have changed the lives of my entire family, we will never feel that we are at the mercy of anyone to help us control our health or lives ever again. I thought I might post my comments to urge other people to take a leap of faith and try out your services, you are worth it!! .

I don’t know what to say with the exception that I have enjoyed reading through the information you write and my entire family is forever grateful for you and all you have done for us.”

Mrs Chanel

“I just wanted to say Thank you!
I will not share my private details here but I do want to tell every one out there that reads your web site, JUST DO IT!
Reginald is everything and more than you expect. The testimonials and details on this web site are great, but they are nothing compared to experiencing the results and change of life for yourself. Do call him and change your life for the better.
Thank you again Reg, THANK YOU!! You are in my prayers always.”



Dear Mr Reginald Lenney – The Holistic Coach.

I have just completed my first month of your Holistic Health Program and all i can say is WOW!! You did explain what I could expect, I did read many of your testimonials, but nothing prepared me for your work, your professionalism and the results. I am speechless!

All I can say is every one needs to try your programs.Any one who is tired of living with pain and weight problems. Any one who is tired of doctors feeding you pills and telling you to learn to live with it. Any one who is not living their life to the full. Any one who is telling themselves that “this is the way I am and i’m ok with it…”.

This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself! I promise you, Reginald Lenney is the real thing and you will thank yourself for taking this step towards living the life you have always wanted, in the body you have always wanted.”

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