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Hi and Thank You for your time, and your interest, in my “About” page.

I’m Reg Lenney – The multi-award winning Vital Coach and Peak Performance consultant; rated as “The Best of the best” by many of your favourite celebrities & power players.

The Natural Way…

My journey to the natural lifestyle and alternative healing began long before I was born. I arrived to a family plagued with longstanding illness. My dad had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer which meant a lot of hospital trips and health scares for the first 15 years of my life.

Constantly tired from the heavy chemical treatments, as well as countless operations where they’d sometimes take off the top of his skull to perform, you can imagine he wasn’t especially fond of the disturbances of a young child during this time. So naturally, I never really got to know my dad.

But I discovered something rather interesting during this period of watching my dad go through the motions.

When dad lived with my mom, he seemed to magically regain vigour and vitality; with enough energy to even go back to work in few months. However, anytime he went over to my grandmother’s, his health would sharply deteriorate to the point where he could barely do anything unassisted.

What could be the reason for this sharp disparity in his quality of life when he lived with us versus when he lived with his mother?

Well, my mother was very much into alternative health; the natural lifestyle, eating food that’s energetically alive and the alternative healing process as well as doing all she could to energise and empower the immune system and the body. I recall trips to Mexico, great food and a lot of herbal treatments, detoxing and cleanses.

My father’s mother on the other hand was very much into the doctor-knows-best route; My Grandmother often calling my mother natural healing practices “that weird hokey-pokey which-craft stuff”. She’d repeat “do what the doctor says” like a broken record till dad succumbed and went in for the chemical treatments that would invariably leave him sick & broken.

I learnt a lot watching this unfold during the first 15 years of my life; seeing my dad go through what he went through, it really shaped the rest of my life.

Journey To The East..

To cut the long story short, I ended up in medical school a few years later in a passionate pursuit of learning about the body, understanding what makes us sick, what holds us back from enjoying a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and learning about real cures to the ailments that plague mankind.

But before long I quickly realised that in our traditional medical system, it’s absolutely taboo to question the effectiveness current practices or suggest any non-synthetic-pharmaceutical approach to dealing with ailment, pain and diseases.

So after 4 years of constantly being shut down for suggesting that we attack the root causes of diseases and find real cures, I left medical school out of sheer frustration and to escape the immoral inflexibility of the system. There had to be another way.

And the search for this proven path to authentic holistic healing that solves medical issues from the root cause, instead of band-aiding symptoms with toxic synthetic products, it led me to spend 7 years in India and another 3.5 years in Eastern Asia under-studying the masters of natural healing.

During this time I was exposed to everything – it truly opened my mind and lit a fire in me that has taken me on this lifelong journey into understanding how everything affects everything…

If you have read some of the amazing testimonials my students and clients write, you will understand how looking at all aspects of your life, every detail about you, the choices you make and the life you choose to live every day affects everything.

Our environment, our relationships, the work we do and the people we choose to surround ourselves with affect our energy levels, our weight, our happiness, our success in business and our health and happiness. Our mental and phycological process’s affects every aspect of our lives through to how our emotions, our energy, our thoughts and feelings, our weight and our success is affected by everything.

The products we use in our homes and on our body, the beds we sleep on, the air and water quality we absorb all drastically change the ability to be healthy, happy and full of energy.

I realised that it is NEVER just one thing. To eliminate ailments, illness, chronic issues and to achieve exceptional levels of health, happiness, love and success we MUST look at all area’s of our lives.

My custom designed programs are specifically tailored for each individual my team and i work with. From my journey of training and working around the world with some of the most amazing and powerful people on the planet, using a myriad of hands on therapies and treatments through to other authentic healing solutions – this was when I finally gained a deep understanding of how the body and mind really works and how to heal it when it malfunctions.

My passion is in eliminating issues in a persons life rather then helping them to learn to live with it. My clients want and demand more. My clients must achieve, and maintain exceptionally high levels of mental and physical performance, in order to do what they must do and live the life they want to.

Discovering The 10 Keys…

It’s been over 30 years already since I began my practice of helping people live exceptional lives via the holistic natural lifestyle.

In this time I’ve been blessed to work directly with many, many awesome individuals – everyday people, globally known celebrities, powerful billionaire CEOs and high-flying corporate executives, and some amazing Royalty. It’s been an absolute pleasure and a great learning experience.

Every encounter with each of these people has invariably revealed some important piece to the puzzle as we’ve worked together improve their physical health, heal emotional distress & bring back that passion for living which had been lost.

And thankfully, over the years I’ve distilled these ‘lessons-from-the-field’ into my robust ’10 Keys To Ultimate Natural Health System’. These keys have allowed me to take a more systematised approach to my work and ensure that my clients always leave with a comprehensive solution that they can incorporate easily into their lifestyle.

Now it’s certainly more than I can cover on a short “About” page, but I’ve taken some time out to write 6 Weeks To A Natural You – an awesome easy-to-understand book on the subject of holistic natural wellness that covers each of the ten keys in detail.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage the exact alternative healthcare & lifestyle options that some of my clients such as Halle Berry, Al Pacino, Hugh Jackman, Susan Sarandon & Pierce Brosnan have used effectively to achieve & maintain maximum natural vitality at the pinnacle of success, you may grab a free copy of this latest book for yourself and your loved ones here. Just take care of the shipping & handling on it and it’s your free today. (Limited Free Edition Copies)

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